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Born to Explore
Season 2

Discover how travel can inspire and transform us all. From animal encounters to elaborate rituals and celebrations of people everywhere, enjoy a unique combination of human drama, adventure, and breathtaking beauty in every episode.


#201 Qatar: Pearl of the Arabian Sea 


Join Richard Wiese as he explores Qatar. He dives below the surface to experience pearl diving aboard a traditional dhow boat. Spend a day at the camel races as dromedaries and owners head to the track. Meet a woman who defied cultural norms through her cooking and discover the ancient art of falconry.

#202 South Dakota: Wild Buffalo


It’s a taste of the Wild West as it used to be, when herds of buffalo roamed the plains.  Feel the thunder as Richard Wiese joins the cowboys and cowgirls of South Dakota in the 50th annual Buffalo Round Up at Custer State Park.   Meet three generations of round-up riders as they put Richard through the paces on horseback.


#203 Maine: Beyond the Sea


Richard Wiese journeys to the magnificent coastline of Maine to explore the hardy, can-do spirit that defines the northernmost state in New England. Richard sails into the Atlantic with a lobsterman who shows him the secrets for pulling in a big haul. He meets a team of dedicated scientists who rehabilitate orphaned and injured harbor seal pups and helps the team return three pups back into the ocean.


#204 Canada: Spirit Bear


Richard Wiese explores the wilds of Alberta, Canada, and comes face to face with black bears at Waterton Lakes National Park.  He learns how the First Nations tribes of Canada used their knowledge of the environment to survive off the land.  Explore Dinosaur Provincial Park, where more than 40 species of dinosaur fossils have been discovered and join renowned paleontologists from the Royal Tyrell Museum on a dig.

#205 India: Sacred Elephant


Explorer Richard Wiese travels to the mystical land of India to discover its exotic traditions. He spends a day in the life of elephants, long a symbol of the royal Maharajahs of the past. He travels to an elephant village, helps to bathe and feed these gentle giants. Explore the silk centers of Kanchipuram.



#206 South Carolina: A Taste of the South

Join Richard Wiese as he heads into Bulls Bay to harvest its famous oysters. Richard meets some four-legged athletes who are making a big splash as they compete in water events to see who can jump higher and swim faster. At the Center for Birds of Prey, Richard gives an owl a check up and meets a pelican with frostbite. Get a taste of Southern culture.

#207 Canada: Spirit Bear

Born to Explore journeys to Canada in search of the legendary grizzly bear. Richard Wiese travels to British Columbia, a region filled with mountains, hidden lakes, and a past rich in the spirit of adventure and exploration. Explore the remote islands of Haida Gwaii, where Richard discovers the mystery of Haida Gwaii’s monumental cedar totem or “mortuary” poles and meets the Haida watchmen who protect this sacred site.

#208 North Dakota: Land of Legends

Host Richard Wiese travels to the land of Lewis & Clark to explore North Dakota from its badlands to its national parks. Discover wildlife like bison, elk, and bighorn sheep in the majesty of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Richard meets the wild horse herds of the park and gets a taste of the ranching life.

#209 North Carolina: Bear, Gators and Wolves

Richard Wiese travels to North Carolina, and a region where bears and red wolves collide. Meet the dedicated wildlife biologists whose mission is to restore the endangered red wolf and bear to this habitat. Discover why alligators have been migrating north---far from their traditional homes. Richard comes upon wild horses who have made their home on the beaches of the Outer Banks.

#210 Nashville: Beyond the Music

Nashville is known as Music City, but it’s so much more. Host Richard Wiese meets famous songwriters and musicians from gospel to rock and gets a taste of the Loveless Café’s famous biscuits and BBQ. Delve into Nashville’s thoroughbred horse breeding past at the Belle Meade Plantation and experience modern horseracing at Iroquois Steeplechase.

#211 Qatar: A Desert Welcome 

Richard Wiese travels to Qatar, an exotic land where the desert meets the sea. Meet the most expensive Arabian stallions in the world at Al Shaqab, an equestrian center dedicated to preserving purebred bloodlines. Meet the next generation of Qatari explorers and the last remaining Bedouin woman who preserves an ancient lifestyle.

#212 Cayman Islands: The Deep Blue

Host Richard Wiese dives into the turquoise waters of the Cayman Islands to explore the underwater world of stingrays, turtles and sharks. Richard explores the shipwrecks and walls of the Cayman Ridge, an underwater mountain range. Discover the local flavor and magic of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

#213 Sri Lanka: Land of Wonder

Explore one of the oldest civilizations in the world in Sri Lanka, off the coast of India. Host Richard Wiese discovers the ancient cities and palaces of Anuradhapura which date back to the 3rd century BC. 

Journey into the jungles of Wilpattu and Kaudulla National Parks where Richard meets up with Asian elephants. leopards, sloth bears and crocodiles. Meet the temple monkeys and see how people and elephants are learning to co-exist on this bio-diverse island.

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