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Born to Explore
Season 3

Discover how travel can inspire and transform us all. From animal encounters to elaborate rituals and celebrations of people everywhere, enjoy a unique combination of human drama, adventure, and breathtaking beauty in every episode.

#301 Connecticut: A Touch of Africa


Join Host Richard Wiese meets Marcella Leone, founder of the LEO Zoological Conservation Center. Marcella housed more than 50 species, including cheetahs, orangutans, giraffes, penguins and camels.  Richard explores the innovative breeding programs here and discovers how Marcella became a trailblazer in wildlife conservation efforts. 

#302 Canada: The Cowboy Life


Richard Wiese explores Alberta, Canada to experience a thriving cowboy culture.   Bucking bulls are the highlight of the Strathmore Stampede. Richard saddles up and joins ranch hands to drive cattle to high pasture in the majestic Rockies.


#303 South Africa: Land of the Penguins


Explorer Richard Wiese travels to South Africa and discovers the charm of Capetown’s penguins. Richard visits the S. African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) to learn how sea birds are rehabilitated. See how these endangered penguins are given a new lease on life.


#304 New York: Fossil Hunter


Host Richard Wiese uncovers hidden treasure in the Big Apple: fossils.  Meet renowned paleontologist, Ken Lacovara as he searches all five boroughs of New York City to find fossils in Grand Central Station and the walls of Saks Fifth Avenue.   In Central Park, Richard forages for wild edibles and learns how the wooly mammoths might have roamed Broadway.

#305 Arizona: The Grandest Canyon


Join Richard Wiese as he heads to Arizona to explore the Grand Canyon and experience the music, dance and culture of Native American tribes who have survived here for centuries.  He climbs aboard a steam locomotive, takes a mule ride and hikes down to the Colorado River for the rafting trip of a lifetime.   



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