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The Born to Explore® programs are much more than a travelogue. Against a backdrop of stunning landscapes and extraordinary wildlife, explorer Richard Wiese immerses himself in local cultures to give viewers an intimate and authentic experience. Whether he’s gathering honey with Batwa Pygmies in Uganda, tracking white rhinos in South Africa or receiving a Hindu blessing in India, exploration is in his blood.


Since Richard climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at age 11 with his father, he’s been on a non-stop adventure around the world.

Through Richard’s curiosity, warmth and humor, viewers discover how travel can inspire and transform us all. From animal encounters to elaborate rituals and celebrations of people everywhere—the Born to Explore® programs are a window on the world.  A unique combination of human drama, adventure and breathtaking beauty in every episode.

“I’m still as passionate about discovery today as I was then,”

says Wiese. Thanks to our show, now everyone can go with me—and we’ll summit together.”

“Exploration is as much about discovery of the natural world as it is about understanding the many beautiful cultures of our planet.”

                                                      Richard Wiese

Born to Explore® is a half-hour television series produced by Explorer Films, LLC in partnership with WGBH Boston—America’s public broadcasting powerhouse and PBS’ single largest producer of television and digital content.  


Born to Explore® travels to far-flung corners of the globe to celebrate world cultures, encounter rare and endangered wildlife and discover the exhilarating wonders of our planet. 

Born to Explore® seeks to educate and empower its audience through intriguing and entertaining television programming. 


Each episode is an authentic, cinematic journey hosted by Richard Wiese, the modern-day Indiana Jones.

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